Hello, I’m iOS team lead developer, my MMO iOS game based on own Objective-C game engine was featured on the App Store main page about 13 times and now I’m mainly focused on TensorFlow neural networks and augmented reality Swift iPhone/iPad projects, developed with self-made AR OpenCV C++ engine.



This App Store games were developed on the kitchen just for fun. Maps for this games are generating by neural network module.

Do you have own iOS app?  I can integrate Objective-C/Swift Game into your existing app, or we can develop new standalone iPhone/iPad application.


U can collect good money from App Store project, for sure I will integrate in-app payments, we can use Apple’s StoreKit for implementing monthly subscriptions.


If u have own e-shop we can integrate «AR marker scanner module» in your app, so after scanning the marker, the user play mini game with his iPhone in Augmented Reality and collect bonus after.


After «embedded AR in-app game» and collecting bonus the User will be loyal to purchases in your e-shop for sure!


I’m making only native games and AR modules, so total size of your app will be small.


By the way, I have also native «e-shop module» written with Objective-C/Swift, GLONASS/GPS to address convertation and Apple Pay/VISA/Mastercard payments.


I will show you example if u contact, so we can integrate iOS e-shop module into your existing Objective-C/Swift project too.


What is the price to develop Objective-C/Swift iOS Game, AR app or mobile e-shop for 2019? The price is about 8k$, time to develop: 30-60 days, just contact me with details of your project and get all info.



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